We are what we make

How many times have you heard the line “We make our own destiny.”? Repetitive. Cliché. But come to think of it. It’s true.

Through the years, I learned not to believe and reject the common excuse that “I was left with no choice. “ Personally, I believe it’s a bullshit to say that. Of course we always have a choice. To go right or left. Upward or downward. Close or Open. Push or pull. To go or not. It’s up to you to decide. Stop stagnating yourself that you are in a situation far from what you expected it because you didn’t have a choice. The fact that you’re in that certain situation is a manifestation of the choice you made. It may not be necessarily the last decision you made but it could be the end result of your decisions from the past. Regrets are inevitable but one thing to deal with it is to accept everything that is with you NOW. No more sourgraping, no more whining. Accept and move on.

Now why am I saying all these? This is officially my first legit blog entry on my 4 year old account. I was thinking of a better way to revive my blog (from a number of sites I’ve been to) but I decided to stick on how I feel right this very moment and on things I wanna share.

I love the way I am right now.

I want to believe that this is how I wanted myself to be. Imperfect. Hungry for new things. Happier than I could possibly be.

The past year has been a life-changing year. Liberating as I want to put it. I changed a lot (I think). I had a new vision on how I want my life to be and how I want to live in it. I made crazy decisions and I am grateful that with every wrong decision I make, I am learning gems I can’t imagine I will have. No books or lectures can teach me those. Life is indeed a great teacher.

Cheers everyone. Celebrate life. It may not be perfect but who cares? As long as you’re enjoying and you’re continuously learning from it. It will never be a dead end for everyone. There are always a thousand options to choose from. What you are today doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the same in the future. Life is what you make it… and we are responsible to it. We are responsible on how you want ourselves to be. We can be the most successful individual and be envied by many or the crappiest dumbass the whole world will be laughing at. The choice is yours.

So start living your life the way you wanted it. Not by how your friends wanted it. Not by how your parents or family wanted it. It’s never too late. There’s no other way but up.

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DOPS said...

Hellooo! glad to be hopping here again =D buti naman bumalik kna sa blogger ulit, hehe...