2010 wish list

In August of last year, I posted five items which I would love to have and in some ways, motivation to work hard and succumb the stress of my job so that soon enough, I will be able to get them.

Months later, I was able to have them (while saving a few thousands on my account). Mac remains a long shot as of now but I was able to replace my old laptop. I'm still happy and contented with my humongous laptop right now though I have to admit that carrying a 15.6 laptop is quite a burden on my shoulders. But the remaining 4 items I listed, I was lucky to finally own them. A decent iPod touch, a new office bag, a few pairs of trousers and my Berry Curve 8900.

I saved quite an amount for a 9700 but damn phone shops here in Doha were always out of stock of that model. Until guilt seeped in and I felt guilty shelling out around Php 32, 000 for a phone (Yes, it's more pricey here than how much they're selling in the Philippines) so I settled for Curve 8900. I have it for a week now. I'm happy with how my emails come in a breeze and be updated with how my reports went. I promised myself that this will be my last phone for now.. I'll wait til it's broken before I will think of a replacement. I hope I can stick with this principle. (Fingers crossed).

And so as the year 2010 is almost over with it's first quarter, (how time flies) I came up with another set of wish list so that I have another set of motivators to combat homesickness and personal issues with how my work is. Here it goes:

1. Brackets

I know I should have done this a decade ago but I was too scared of how painful it is to have your brackets on. I missed quite a number of good job opportunities just because I didn't have a good set of pearls. Sad. And this year, I will make sure that I am brave enough to make an appointment to my dentist to have my brackets on (and money to back it up of course). It's now or never Gerald.

2. an LCD TV

I know LED is the in thing but come on, I dont want to spend that much on these LED's (yet). LCD will work for me. And besides, this will be for our home back home. I promised my mom I will buy something for our house (which is still undergoing some renovations as of now) as my contribution. I hope that by the end of this month, I will be able to scout for some sales elsewhere. Teehee.

3. A Canon G11.

I'm not a photo addict as most of my friends are but I have to admit that it is a must to own a decent point and shoot. There are some occasions that are too precious to be missed or to be spoiled by a blurry pic from a so-so camera. I'm not so huge on DSLR though there are times that I am thinking of that possibility for the main reason that I don't like bulk of tagging it around my neck. I look so tourist-y. It's not my thing. The closest option I can have is for those compacts that are DSLR-ish. I asked my friends and some Twitter folks regarding this and I'm quite torn between this G11 or that Lumix thing that my friend Aylnn suggested. Anyway, this is not on top priority so I still have plenty of time to think it over. Deadline: December 2010.

4. Rayban Wayfarers

I'm a huge fan of Wayfarers. That is my all time favorite and Aviator is at close second. I want to invest on a good pair. I have to check my monthly budget first when I can buy this since summer season in Doha usually starts at June so shops might go on Sale (hopefully). So stay put there lovely Ray Bans.


I still don't have a final item to round up my five 2010 motivators. It's a toss between Beats by Dr. Dre or a Sony Bloggie (both items not so important and necessary for my lifestyle) so I'll leave it blank first. READ: This is not a celebration of Materialism, Saving is still my priority. I'm just rewarding myself so that I won't think nega or dropping it all off just because I feel deprived. Well, I am already deprived of quite a number of things that I usually have so I resorted to buy what I want to even it out.

Cheers folks.


We are what we make

How many times have you heard the line “We make our own destiny.”? Repetitive. Cliché. But come to think of it. It’s true.

Through the years, I learned not to believe and reject the common excuse that “I was left with no choice. “ Personally, I believe it’s a bullshit to say that. Of course we always have a choice. To go right or left. Upward or downward. Close or Open. Push or pull. To go or not. It’s up to you to decide. Stop stagnating yourself that you are in a situation far from what you expected it because you didn’t have a choice. The fact that you’re in that certain situation is a manifestation of the choice you made. It may not be necessarily the last decision you made but it could be the end result of your decisions from the past. Regrets are inevitable but one thing to deal with it is to accept everything that is with you NOW. No more sourgraping, no more whining. Accept and move on.

Now why am I saying all these? This is officially my first legit blog entry on my 4 year old account. I was thinking of a better way to revive my blog (from a number of sites I’ve been to) but I decided to stick on how I feel right this very moment and on things I wanna share.

I love the way I am right now.

I want to believe that this is how I wanted myself to be. Imperfect. Hungry for new things. Happier than I could possibly be.

The past year has been a life-changing year. Liberating as I want to put it. I changed a lot (I think). I had a new vision on how I want my life to be and how I want to live in it. I made crazy decisions and I am grateful that with every wrong decision I make, I am learning gems I can’t imagine I will have. No books or lectures can teach me those. Life is indeed a great teacher.

Cheers everyone. Celebrate life. It may not be perfect but who cares? As long as you’re enjoying and you’re continuously learning from it. It will never be a dead end for everyone. There are always a thousand options to choose from. What you are today doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the same in the future. Life is what you make it… and we are responsible to it. We are responsible on how you want ourselves to be. We can be the most successful individual and be envied by many or the crappiest dumbass the whole world will be laughing at. The choice is yours.

So start living your life the way you wanted it. Not by how your friends wanted it. Not by how your parents or family wanted it. It’s never too late. There’s no other way but up.


Back to my comfort zone

Been to many sites.
Tried new fad.
Left Blogger.
But there is something on Blogger that is dear to me.
So I've decided to come back.... and hopefully for good.

Former Blogger friends, I'm back. I'll work on my posts this weekend. I cleared my schedule for it.

iamgeraldsarmiento is back.

Signing on.



I'll be now blogging at LiveJournal. I hope you continue reading my posts.
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